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Zirconia Fellowship 2020 - Sponsorship Level 2
Zirconia Fellowship 2020 - Sponsorship Level 2

Zirconia Fellowship 2020 - Sponsorship Level 2

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Zirconia Fellowship 2020 - Year Sponsorship 

Dentanext is excited to announce that Registration is now open for limited Brand Participation in the Zirconia Implant Fellowship, an all-new educational series launched in partnership with the Zirconia Implant Society. 
This inaugural certificate program is the first of its kind, offering worldwide practitioners an opportunity to learn from industry leaders in a year-long, web-based series of educational modules, curated to provide foundational knowledge and critical skills to clinicians wishing to advance in the practice of zirconia implant dentistry, preparing participants to uniquely market their practice as the zirconia implant specialist in their home cities. Enrollment is open now and the first session is scheduled to start in January 2020. Participants who successfully complete the entire course will be granted a certificate as a Fellow of the Zirconia Implant Society. 


This innovative program offers Brands a unique opportunity to position their products in front of an attentive audience of global dental practitioners in an engaged, dedicated environment. Participating Brands will be included in communications prior to and during the year long course, including mailings and social media posts, and will be mentioned by moderators and instructors by name during course modules, including any special discount codes for participants.
These exclusive Brand participation spots are available for only $10,000 for the entire year-long course. For more details, visit the Fellowship website!
*All Deposits are non refundable and final payment is due within 30 Days!
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