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Osbone M

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The Optimized Hydroxyapatite

Osbone® Dental is a next-generation synthetic hydroxyapatite offering a safe and effective alternative to hydroxyapatite products of human or animal/xenograft origin. Its high porosity and ability for rapid osseointegration makes it an excellent choice for many dental procedures.  It may be the best solution for patients with challenging needs, such as nicotine abuse, metabolic diseases, osteoporosis and other cases where bone growth could be compromised.


Osbone® is biocompatible, as demonstrated by the excellent cell proliferation in this pre-clinical study. In contrast, bovine hydroxyapatite only produced isolated cells and a low proliferation after 28 days.¹


In a multi-center study (32 centers, 190 patients, and at least 12 months follow-up) using Osbone²,  98.7 % of the augmented implant areas were reported as suitable at the time of implant placement. Immediate placement was performed in 117 of the implants. The authors reported that there was “… never any loss of a dental implant, confirming the stability of the healed ceramic material”.


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  2. Holweg, Lerner, and Pehrsson. Application of a synthetic hydroxyapatite in dental surgery. EDI Journal 3/2012: 64-73.
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