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Holistic Dental Education Series
Holistic Dental Education Series
Holistic Dental Education Series

Holistic Dental Education Series

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Live-Streaming Yearlong Course 12-Module Live Streaming Monthly Webinar Series on Holistic Dentistry presented by Dr. Judson Wall DDS

This year long program features 12 Live Streaming Monthly Webinars on Holistic Dentistry presented by Dr. Judson Wall DDS. The first Thursday of each month Dr. Wall will lecture at 11AM EST. 

If you cannot attend the live session you may watch the On-Demand version at any time throughout the year and still receive CE.

"I decided to offer my Holistic Dental Education Series because I want to help other dentists learn what I have been so blessed to learn over the past 20 years. The purpose of the series is to allow dentists to access this important information in an organized, simple and 'rubber meets the road' way, thus assisting them to make every aspect of their practices as Holistic as possible." 

-Dr. Judson Wall

The HDES was developed to help dentists and other health care practitioners understand the oral-systemic connection, and how to help improve patients’ quality of life through proper diagnosis and holistic, science-based treatment. 

Each of the twelve modules contains essential information (in the form of science, published literature and case review) to assist dentists in the following:

1.) Understanding the human body and body processes as they relate to the orofacial complex. 

2.) Understanding common orofacial ailments that arise from abnormalities in body systems. 

3.) How to diagnose and treat orofacial ailments using the latest in medical and dental technology.

And each webinar will conclude with a group discussion and Q&A period.

Full-Year Course Tuition: $2500.

Read More Here: Holistic Dental Series By Dr Judson Wall

*Tickets are non-refundable and all sales are final once tickets are issued 

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