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Unique 3-Layer Technology

The Epi-Guide Bioresorbable Barrier Matrix is a synthetic dental membrane designed for use as an adjunct to periodontal restorative surgeries and assists in the regeneration of bone and periodontal support tissues. It is a porous, three-dimensional matrix fabricated from a bioresorbable polymer with a long history of safe medical use. The barrier’s three-layer construction is deigned to attract, trap, and retain fibroblasts and epithelial cells while maintaining space around teeth for development of bone and periodontal support tissues. The Epi-Guide maintains its architecture and structural integrity for 20 weeks after implantation with complete bioresorption between 6-12 months.

  • High-tech Architecture — Maintains Space / Helps Arrest Epithelial Migration
  • Synthetic Construction — Avoid Risks of Disease from Biological Products
  • Completely Resorbable — Second Surgery Unnecessary to Remove Membranes

Unique 3 Layer Technology for Visible Healing in Your Patients

  1. Forms a natural barrier to promote soft-tissue healing.
  2. Maintains architecture and structural integrity for up to 20 weeks after implantation.
  3. Complete bioresorption occurs between 6 and 12 months.
  4. Regenerates tissue despite flap recession or if primary closure is not obtained.
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